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Informazioni su federico federici

Federico Federici (1974, Savona, Italy) is a physicist, a translator and a writer. He lives and works between Berlin and the Ligurian Apennines. His works have appeared in «3:AM Magazine», «Maintenant 3», «Raum», «Sand», «Stadtsprachen Magazin», «Semicerchio», «Magma Poetry», «The New Post-Literate», «Trafika Europe», «Utsanga» and others. Among his books: “L'opera racchiusa” (2009, Lorenzo Montano Prize, 2018 new edition), “Appunti dal passo del lupo” (2013) in the book series curated by Eugenio De Signoribus, “Dunkelwort” (2015) presented at Berlin Literaturfestival “Stadtsprachen” 2016 curated by Martin Jankowski, “Mrogn” (2017, Elio Pagliarani Prize) a still unpublished german translation of which has been presented at the 19 Poesiefestival Berlin (2018), “Alter Krieg” (2017), “Requiem auf einer Stele” (2017, new edition), “The way I discovered the Berlin wall has fallen” (2017), “Liner notes for a Pithecanthropus Erectus sketchbook” with a foreword by SJ Fowler (2018), “Paraula de tenebra”, Catalan translation of “Dunkelwort” by Marta Vilardaga (2018), “Scritti da un fronte di guerra” (2018). In 2017 he was awarded the Lorenzo Montano Prize for prose. With the piece of music Brief aus Treblinka, he is currently taking part in the installation “res.o.nant” by Mischa Kuball, at the Jewish Museum, Berlin, (2018-2019). Detailed information are available on his website: http://federicofederici.net
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